About this website:

This website aims to become (hopefully), a resource center for people who want to get the GREEN bug. How?

  • Care of Earth
  • Care for People
  • Fair Share / Return for Surplus

We believe in slowly changing our lives to become more conscious about our choices. We also share whatever we learn along the way on our journey.

Furthermore we also  organize trainings / workshops as well as help people to start the transition! More about the transition later on its own page.

What does that mean for you?

It can be as simple as planting your first plant – to making a life changing transition (It can get very serious if you want to dive into the rabbit hole! :))

Stay tuned for more updates on this website to join the fun. To receive updates drop your email on the right!

The PDC in brief!

Weekend Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2018



July – August 2018 (6 weekends)*


Urban Hijau (Training Room), Sungai Penchala, Kuala Lumpur


Muneeb Bin Yousuf, Ashaari Rahmat & Wan Ridwan*


Every Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 5:30pm


4 sessions in each day with 2 tea breaks and a healthy lunch


RM 3,000 / participant

to be confirmed

In Brief – About Us!

We, at Sedida Sdn Bhd started with a goal to help individuals or businesses to make the transition towards sustainability.

We believe in the thousands of years old heritage, left by our ancestors. At the same time, we also believe in the use of appropriate technology to make this transition happen.

Permaculture – a sustainable design science – becomes the natural choice for this movement – connecting all different branches of knowledge. Be it architecture, engineering or economics, this design science connects to bring different people together and work out a comprehensive solution to the problems facing us. Nature simply becomes our favorite tool at work!

The transition will happen – it’s just a matter of time! We all will  have to change. The faster we realise this and work together, the less damage we will do to the earth and ourselves.

We hope to become the means to help bring about this transition in a meaningful way – and help make the network of people working together stronger.

Together with Murujan, we at Sedida have been organizing the Permaculture Design Certificate Courses – or PDC in short, in various places within Malaysia, and have worked with different trainers including:

  • Mustafa Bakir,
  • Rhamis Kent,
  • Abdurrahman McClausland,
  • Salah Hammad.

We also joined the efforts being made at Taman Pertanian Kuantan (TPSAS) to make the site transition to a sustainable future right from the start, with Geoff Lawton and Salah Hammad among others.

Currently we are working on an Urban Farm – Urban Hijau right in the beautiful scenic Kuala Lumpur.

We at Sedida hope to slowly design the company and its website to become the pitstop for transitioners like us.

Join the movement and do a PDC for yourself!